Body and mind in balance

We believe that wellbeing is not just about physical health. For us wellbeing is about finding a balance between body, mind, and spirit. In this state, we feel content, connected, energised, resilient and safe. 
If you are feeling stuck we help you to voice your issues. During the session we may just talk together or we may work with Reiki or Shamanic healing, or use a combination of them all. Whatever helps to allow the voice to flow past blocked emotion.


Workshop - Honouring your spirit Animal - May 18th
Shamanic journey practice to connect to your spirit animals. This afternoon is aimed at people who wish to experience and develop their skills in this ancient form of spiritual connection. Physical, meditational and visualisation techniques will be used throughout.
£30 (3pm - 6pm)

To discuss this workshop or to book call:
 07580 243479



Reiki (meaning 'universal life force energy') is a gift from the Universe. It brings harmony and peace, helps balance the emotions, calm the mind, body and soul and helps to bring clarity.

Shamanic counselling

Shamanic counselling differs from most types of counselling in that the client goes directly to the spirits for help. The spirits are our true counsellors. Shamanic counselling enables us to find the source of, and solution to, the challenges and difficulties which we all face from time to time. This brings us personal empowerment, wisdom and healing. The shamanic journey also enhances our relationship with our spirits and can help us along our path in this life.

Reiki £45 (40mins)
This is a relaxing, gentle yet powerful treatment and involves hands on work. You are fully clothed and laying down. We place hands on different parts of the body (it’s never intrusive) and the position is held for several minutes, allowing the healing, universal life force energy to flow through you. You may experience warmth, cold, tingling, see colours and it may bring up emotions.

Shamanic healing £60 (60mins)
We help you to communicate and connect with helping spirits to retrieve information needed for your healing. During shamanic journeys, there exist a variety of helping spirits; these spirits come in the form of either spirit guides or power animals (also plants and insectoids) — they take on these familiar-looking forms in order for us to better relate to them. This is a deeply empowering way to heal yourself.

Intuitive healing £60 (60mins)
These sessions are tailor-made to suit you and can include talking therapy, shamanic work and reiki and possibly even some massage if needed. We work with you to decide what is best for you on the day, every day is different and every visit may require a slightly different approach.

Block of 10 Shamanic or Intuitive healing sessions £500
Block of 6 Shamanic or Intuitive healing sessions £320
In our experience shamanic healing takes time and commitment and isn’t a one-off treatment. It takes time to peel back the layers and uncover what needs to be dealt with. This is why we offer a discount to you for block booking, it’s to acknowledge your commitment to yourself and your healing process.


An empowering way to heal.

“My Shamanic healing sessions with Simon were life-changing. I was able to do so much of the work myself with his guidance and support and that was truly empowering. I would recommend this to everyone.”

— Caroline

I felt so relaxed…

“The reiki treatment I received was exactly what I needed as I’d been stressed for a little while. It was so relaxing, gentle and nurturing yet powerful at the same time. I left feeling calmer and more in balance.”

— Louise